Slimming World – Best Alcohol For Your Syns

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You’ll remember we last did a feature about the Best Barbecue Foods for Your Syns, which got us thinking about booze. There is no barbecue without booze, especially if you’re the one grilling. On Slimming World alcohol is not forbidden like it is on most food plans, but you have to pace yourself and make sensible choices. Always here to provide a service, we have compiled our list of the best alcoholic drinks for your syns.

We have tried to cater for every taste here and limited it to one drink per category (lager, cider, spirits etc) as well as making our choices more suited to the summer barbecue scene. Sorry mulled wine, you’ll have to wait til Christmas. Of course, the choices are huge, especially with the spirits where most are similar syn values, so be sure to let us know your favourite syn-friendly tipple!

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Kid-Friendly Slimming World Lunchbox Ideas

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Being on Slimming World is hard when you have kids. Like, really, really hard. You pack their lunch every day filled with awesome goodies that you’re dying to nibble on, whilst you look forlornly at the 30g of cereal you’ve diligently weighed for yourself. Your stomach grumbling in frustration as you quickly load them off to school with their lunches before you have chance to swipe that bag of crisps for yourself.

Well, no more! Lunchtime can be awesome for everyone, because with Slimming World you can make lunch for everyone, all eat the same, and all be super satisfied. Here, we give you some inspiration to spruce up your kids’ lunches with home made goodness that you can snack on all day, guilt free. Amazing right? Right. So here they are, our top tips for making Slimming World lunchbox treats that even the kids will love to eat.

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Tommee Tippee Mini Moments Milestone Cards Giveaway #ParentOn

standard August 22, 2016 29 responses

Milestone cards are big business now – so many of them, giving a new quirky way of showing off your baby’s milestone. Well Tommee Tippee are all for it, but with the added twist that everyone really needs. These adorable Mini Moments milestone cards have everything you want to show off your baby’s progression as well as the… you know, other side of parenting. The bits that in any other circumstances you wouldn’t want to share… like humiliating mum in public, explosive nappies and generally being totally unreasonable.

We had a bit of an accident over the weekend, in which Short Rib decided to fall face first into our TV cabinet and he’s bitten his lip (he’s fine by the way, it’s basically healed within the last two days) but needless to say he was not in the mood for being photographed. So I settled for one of his foot and the appropriate card for the incident.

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The Reason Bedtime Is The Worst Time

standard August 19, 2016 6 responses

I have an issue that I need to just air out here very quickly. I’m sure this is an issue that affects many parents that are desperately clinging to the tiny bit of sanity that one has at the dreaded hour known as “bedtime”. You’ve tried everything, two bottles, their favourite teddy bear, the CBeebies bedtime hour (because apparently one child in the UK somewhere actually goes to bed at 7pm). You’ve walked with them, rocked them, shouted, pleaded with them, ignored them, pampered them and still the noise continues. If your baby could shout, it would definitely be one of “I am not tired and I want to play”.

Your other half doesn’t want to know. They did the teatime feed and bathed the little critter to allow you your ten minutes peace to scoff your tea and have a cheeky brew. You can’t remember the last time you actually tasted food because by now you know that if it is on your plate, your child wants to eat it. You were given that ten minutes peace, because you both knew what was coming after the bath and they were not going through it again.

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GIVEAWAY: £150 of Amazon Vouchers

standard August 17, 2016 32 responses

Summer is almost over I’m afraid folks… just a few more weeks of this freakishly hot weather before we go to utter darkness at four in the afternoon, everything in the garden deciding to die and packing away the parasols for another year. I know, massive bummer. But we’ve teamed up with a bunch of our lovely blogger friends to bring you something to be cheery about, even when the weather’s not. 

We are, incredibly excited to provide you with the opportunity to win an incredible prize (and a not-so shabby runner-up prize too!) in conjunction with these wonderful bloggers in our Scorching Summer Giveaway!

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The Daddy Tag Challenge

standard August 12, 2016 2 responses

So most of you already know that this blog is a joint enterprise, between myself and Wes (aka Daddy) but realistically I have more time to do this than he does (because I’m gobbier, clearly) so when Frenchie Mummy came up with the brilliant #TheDaddyTag Challenge, I had to rope Wes in and get him to pull his finger out on the blog front. I mean, how hard can it be to answer some questions right?

So, I’m being a lazy blogger today – you can all get to know Wes a little bit more (until I’m nominated for the Mummy Tag Challenge, so you’ll be waiting a while there!)

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