GIVEAWAY: Barefoot Coaching Cards For New Parents

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You’ll remember at the beginning of the month, we were part of the #YouGotThis Blog Tour with our friends over at Barefoot Coaching Cards. We genuinely could not speak highly enough of the cards themselves and the questions that they contained for new parents. We were really, really impressed with them! Now, we are happy to say that they are back on the blog because we have another fabulous giveaway for one lucky reader.

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Five Things About Short Rib

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short rib

Short Rib is now well aware of himself – he has his own little quirks, he has his own ideas on what he wants. He’s a bit of a terror but he’s also pretty hilarious. I was reading Karina’s post about her daughter, Little Legs (I mean, I thought Short Rib was a cute nickname!) and it just got me thinking about his ways and means as he grows.

So this post, inspired by Karina and Little Legs, is just a few things that make Short Rib, Short Rib. Even at one year old, he has a couple of habits that are telling for the future. Some make me laugh (most of them actually) and some have me a bit nervous about what he might be like when he’s  a little older, but all of them make up who he is and who he’s growing into.

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Short Rib’s Dream Room

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The ultimate dream for each family is to own their own home and make it their own. Putting your own stamp on your living space is massively important. We are no different in this sense, but at the minute we only rent our home, so the scope for improvement is… very small. Still, a girl can dream and that’s just what I’m going to do – These are my picks for Short Rib’s room, if I had totally my own way.

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August Round Up & September’s Bucket List

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Alright so, it’s September and that means a stats update and a Bucket List for my little corner of the internet. To be fair, we have only been really seriously back on the blogging wagon for the last month, so we didn’t do a bucket list for August. It’s been a pretty hectic month, mainly due to August being Short Rib’s Birthday as well as the general summer fallout.

We’ve been really lucky to be involved in some pretty fabulous giveaways this month and it’s resulted in a real boost for our social media followings and website visitors. I’m aware that won’t continue at quite the same rate, but it’s a pretty fabulous start after a nine month break.

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Barefoot Coaching Cards – #YouGotThis Blog Tour

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Parenting is a pain in the arse sometimes. It’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a steep learning curve for you and your other half. In the fog of night feeds, early mornings and fretting about what’s best for your little one it’s really easy for both parents to just stop talking to each other. Enter Barefoot Coaching and their wonderful Coaching Cards for New Parents.

We’re not new parents, but Short Rib is only one, so we’re still getting used to this being in charge of a tiny human thing. The cards are designed to help new parents have an open and frank discussion about the new adventure. The good and the bad. To find the answers for them and not what their mother in law, best mate or former midwife neighbour think is best (because we’ve all had stupid parenting advice before, right?).

You can get them over at Barefoot Coaching when they launch tomorrow, September 1st 2016 where they retail for £15.00 per pack. They make a wonderful gift to expecting parents, or as a tool for you and your partner to boss this parenting malarkey together. We were really kindly sent a pack to look at before they went on sale for the purpose of this blog post.

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