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This means we sync as many source schemas and tables as possible with as little setup and configuration as possible. Do the following if nothing was migrated after your task has completed. You set it up because there is a real business need.

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Alternatively, if you are migrating your databases to another account, you could clone the primary database, drop the external table from the clone, and then replicate the cloned database.

Replication : Changes

SELECT name FROM repmgr_gitlab_cluster. Both The secondaries can be in either a synchronous or asynchronous mode.

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In that case, we will transform data types that are not supported in the destination into data types that are supported.

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With your experiences with the feature, do you recommend similar methods for people doing a new implementation, or do you have a different take?

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Do you have big tables?

The following shows an example.


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TPCRPT schema in the PDBNOREAST Oracle Database instance.


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All schema change, like any code deployment, is a source of potential application breakage.

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Uninstall the Distributor, if it exists.

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Fortunately I pretty much control the versions we run, vendor products included.

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As we mentioned earlier, row tuples are immutable.

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This is not a dangerous process, and can be done unattended. Patient Android users will start immediatly to download and use the new version.

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By default ALTER TABLE adds new columns at the end of the table, so we need to be very careful to use the AFTER clause when needed.

  • You can view the log file after the repair has completed to determine what changes DSRepair has made.

  • DS server worked on the request.

  • This makes it easier if the schema changes need to be rolled back.

  • Make sure the logins used for connecting subscriber has access to subscriber database.

How your replication changes

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It was more about keeping archives of old versions of documents, possibly to be able to roll back changes or as an audit trail.

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Since there are no triggers, you can interactively pause an ongoing change by sending the command to the unix socket. In his spare time, he likes to help others and share some of his knowledge by writing tips and articles on various sites. There are a couple of ways in which you can estimate the performance.

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We have to break the mirror and make the mirror server the principal in order for us to check how well the mirroring works. And those filters have to be evaluated when every row is inserted, and the distribution agents need to read the logs. When this happens, the schemas of the replicas are no longer the same. Normally, in an XDCR environment, all cluster participate equally. In later articles we will see what can be done to mitigate the risks. Note that it cannot reproduce an exact production like migration scenario. Set some configuration options required for physical replication. How Stitch loads the data depends on the type destination being used. At the end of the alter, a table rename is done.

Problems : Changes