Requirements To Get Married In Ireland

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SMS conversation is not sufficient to establish that the relationship is genuine and bonafide.

Certificate of Freedom to Marry, you should contact the marriage registration office in your destination country to find out. The proposed marriage registration form for immigration status certificate to in. Resident card if living in Morocco.

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They think about the long term or permanent stay in one country, not just going abroad then return later due to lack of opportunities. One party cannot sign on behalf of the other, not even under a power of attorney. Please accept cookies to view this content.


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If you are obtaining a marriage license following a divorce, annulment, or widowhood, you will need to have the date of the final decree and the city and state where the decree was granted.

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You may have any religious ceremony you wish in addition to the civil one, but the religious service has no legal standing in Turkey. Church, Civil, Humanist or Interfaith ceremony must give a minimum of three months notice to the state of their intention to marry. The currency used in Ireland is the Euro.

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You must present all your original documents in person at the same Registrars office at least five days before your Irish wedding. The Emerald Isle is one of the most beautiful places in the world and we have an incredible array of stunning wedding venues. Always check with the relevant civil or ecclesiastical body before making decisions. There is no set rule about fees but most churches will require some form of payment. Two proofs of residency will be required. What is it used for?

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If you, your intended spouse, the witnesses or the solemniser has a limited knowledge of English, you must provide an interpreter. Long it has been taken to convert to check out local requirements in church wedding? Dublin which travels all around Ireland.

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