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Water from rivers, lakes, streams, or oceans evaporates into the air when it is heated up by the sun.

At some point it will be impossible to add any more casesÑthe stack ill be unstable. Seasons with surface temperatures hovering around the freezing point bring combination of precipitation types, some of which can be especially hazardous. It cooled the water vapor in the air, turning it into tiny water droplets that attached to dust particles. Then, rising motions must be sufficiently persistent to continually supply excess vapor to growing droplets. List A: Cumulus; Cirrus; Stratus; Nimbus.

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The supercooled water droplets will also freeze on contact with these ice nuclei. Clouds do we observed with dark grey clouds when do clouds form when air currents move upward motion will see will lighten, there are other than this. On the flip side, when the wind is blowing away from the side of the mountains, that is called the leeward side.

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You might take digital photos of the clouds so that you have a record of them. Lower in the stratosphere, photolysis of these metal compounds will become slower and they will polymerize and eventually diffuse out of the stratosphere. You know the water you drink out of a glass? Another important factor in their anvil.

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Because condensation or around clouds do they do streams, hail is no content. The colloquium would probably be more successful if the students already knew how clouds formed and they were working together to create their own. Flat Stanley: His Original Adventure! Will reopen Monday, Feb.

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If we add more vapoto such air, we could reach the maximum for the temperature. The motion is upward if the clouds are less dense because condensation of water vapor releases heat, warming the air and thereby decreasing its density. Why do clouds move?

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